How to customize MS office 2010 installation using OCT ?

Step1: Open run: \setup /admin
Step2: After opening OCT window select Install Location and org name option in left pane and add respected information in right pane.

Step3: Select Licencing and user interface to select licence agreement check box to skip licence agreement window and either u can choose enter product key option and add a valid key or choose use kms client key option to activate office manually after installation.

Step4: If earlier versions of office programs are installed, to remove it select Remove previous installations.

Step5: If you have any add-ins or office related additional programs select add installations and run programs option and add programs path.

Step6: U can modify user settings to select and configure the modify user settings option.

Step7: Select set feature installation states and enable and disable one or more programs according to your need.

Step8: select add file option and any related file like ADMX file which is Ms Office group policy file, add files and specify copy location.

Step9: Select add registry entry option and add an entry according to your need but carefully. This example shows a registry entry to enable backup add-in.

Step10: Select configure shortcuts and modify existing shortcuts as your need.

Step11: Now got File menu select save as name customoutlook.msp.
Step12: Now start your customized office installation to do this run a command \setup.exe /adminfile:\customoutlook.msp.


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