How to Create Clustered Mailbox Server using SCC on server 2008.

First stablish a failover cluster invoirnment and If cluster Quorum configured will be “node and disk majority”. To do this click here !
Note that SCC supports up to 8 node clustering and in SCC environment passive node must be equal or less than Active node and for best practice create passive node equal to Active node.
First install Mail Box Role prerequisites on both machines: If you would rather install them using one command, you can create an XML answer file with the following content:-

<ServerManagerConfiguration Action=”Install” xmlns=”;









To do so open notepad paste in the above code, then save it as an XML file. With the script created, type ServerManagerCmd –ip in a command prompt. The required role and features will now be installed automatically.
Cluster node 1: Necessary to have online clustered disk on this node.
Step1: Start exchange installation on cluster 1 and select ACMR

Step2: Select SCC and Add a Unique CMS name. (Note that outlook user will use this name). Cluster MBX data base file path must be same on Active and passive node.

Step3: Add a unique IP of same subnet.

Step4: After Role Prerequisites check completion click next.
Step5: Roles installation starts and completion page will look like this.

Cluster Node 2: Login to the cluster2 (in more than two nodes cluster environment one node will Active and others will passive)
Step6: Only change in the option is to select the PCMR.

Step7: After Role Prerequisites check complete a completion page will appear.

Step8: To view Clustered Mailbox Server configuration Open EMC>

Step9: We can view CMS Status on Cluster management console.

Step10: We can see if node1 become down cluster node2 take ownership of CMS.

Step11: Test functionality using exchange mgmt. cell:


To change CMS ownership to a machine: (this operation also can use through cluster management console but not recommended).

Move-ClusteredMailboxServer -Identity:exchscc -TargetMachine:cluster1 -MoveComment:”Testing functionality!”
Maintain your cluster server:
Step12: To stop the Clustered Mailbox Service, open the Exchange Management Shell, and enter the following command:
Stop-ClusteredMailboxServer  -StopReason Setup –Confirm:$False
Stopping the Clustered Mailbox Service allows our passive node to take ownership of the service. You can now safely restart Node 1. When the node restarts though, Node 2 still has ownership of the clustered mailbox server. To fix this, open a command prompt window (not EMS) and enter the following command:
Cluster Group /Move:
Once the move has completed, we just need to start the Clustered Mailbox Service. To do so, open the Exchange Management Shell and enter the following command:
Now SCC configuration has finished and Now CMS is ready to serve…………………………………………………………………


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